API Information and Documentation
Orchid.Events API Information:

Orchid.Events offers 2 separate APIs for customers to pull their registration information. The 2 APIs have their own independant security keys.
Orchid.Events General API

Allows pulling segmented information such as:
• All Registrations
• All Active Registrations
• All Inactive (Cancelled) Registrations
• Everything Matching a specific Registration
• All Modified
Orchid.Events Financials API

While the only segmentation that is currently available is by date constraints, the Financials API does provide a breakdown of the financials on the attendee record. The fees are linked to the items selected as well as the quantity. This makes for easy uploading into the varying client managment systems.
There are differing fees based on the API that is selected. This is because the Financials API includes access to the General API while the General API doesn't include access to the Financials API.
For information regarding the costs to access the Orchid.Events APIs, please click to contact our sales team.
To view the most recent API documentation for the 2 APIs, please click the appropriate link in the right column to download the documentation.
If you would like or need options that are not currently available within our 2 APIs, please let us know as we are happy to research expanding our APIs to handle your requests. All requests that are added to our API will be available to all customers that use an Orchid.Events API once the updates are completed.
In addition to the APIs listed above, Orchid.Events has a large suite of standard reports that are included with all events without an additional charge. If you need a report that is not currently available, Orchid.Events has the ability to create Custom Reports that are specific to your event for a fee. If you would like information regarding the Orchid.Events Standard Reports or pricing on the Custom Reports, please feel free to contact our sales team.

API Documents:

For General API Document:
Click Here
For Financials API Document:
Click Here
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