On behalf of the International and Local Organizing Committees we invite you to St George Utah to participate in the 18th International Conference on Textures of Materials (ICOTOM-18), November 6-10, 2017.

In 1987 Professor Brent L. Adams returned from the ICOTOM in Santa Fe to his lab at Brigham Young University excited about EBSD. That seed germinated in the fertile ground of Professor Adams' orientation correlation ideas and blossomed into the fully automated system a few years later. The first published papers describing the system appeared in 1992. The texture community was critical to the incubation of this technology and continued cultivation of both its development and application. We invite you to Utah to continue the fine scientific tradition of ICOTOM and to celebrate, with us, 25 years of automated EBSD.

In keeping with tradition, ICOTOM-18 will foster the fundamental understanding of the basic processes underlying the formation of texture and its relation to the anisotropic properties of polycrystalline materials. With EBSD and other techniques providing textural information from the nano to the macro scale, our understanding of the links between the local orientation and texture evolution and material properties continues to grow. ICOTOM-18 will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of recent progress in texture and anisotropy research. We invite materials scientists and geoscientists as well as engineers to come together in the scientific exchange at ICOTOM-18 to further our fundamental understanding of texture and anisotropy with an aim to convert that basic scientific understanding into real-world engineering solutions. With the unique geology of the region we particularly invite geoscientists to participate and contribute to the texture (or fabric) conversation.

St George is southwest Utah's largest city. But large is relative, St George still maintains a small pioneer town feel but with enough amenities for an enjoyable week. It has a unique location where soaring red rock cliffs, extinct volcanic mountains and lava flows and the Mojave Desert all come together. It is near some of the most scenic destinations in the US's southwest - Zion, Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon National Parks as well as glittery Las Vegas. Given its location, St George is a tourist destination. But the tourists dissipate by the end of October and the desert heat gives way to delightful temperatures making November a perfect time to explore the city and its surroundings.

We look forward to joining with you at ICOTOM-18 to build scientific understanding and renew friendships in the scenic environs of St George.

Stuart Wright, David Fullwood and Matthew Nowell

18th International Conference on Textures of Mater
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